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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Baron Kinnock of Bedwelty chips into support Andy Burnham, (or anyone but Jeremy Corbyn)

Labour needs a prime minister, not a debate. It needs Andy Burnham

Baron Kinnock of Bedwelty

The Guardian has closed comments on the Neil Kinnock intervention. Now why is that I wonder?

Kinnock, or the well known Baron Kinnock, led the Labour between 1983 and 1992 and managed to loose 2 general elections and started the drive for the pursuit of popularity in place of principle. Baron Kinnock of Bedwelty, who ironically was a long time critic of the House of Lords before becoming a Life Peer, joins Blair, Straw and a few other "elders" of the Labour party calling for policies of care, opportunity, security, fairness and freedom, and "offering coherent, practical answers to daily challenges, and tangible prospects of fulfilling hopes and ambitions in housing, employment and enterprise". Strange it is that during the years of Labour governments since the inability of Kinnock to become Prime Minister and the subsequent administrations of Blair and Brown, have failed to deliver or even propose those policies which they now espouse to be the way forward for the party.
In fact the only candidate in the leadership election contest who is proposing such policies and values, is the candidate who they all urge party members not to vote for!
The endorsement of Burnham, indicates that Kinnock has lost touch, if he ever had it, with the traditional position of the Labour party. The recent record of Burnham's performance in the House of Commons, culminating with his appalling abstention on the Welfare reform bill, (and his subsequent justification for it) his proposals for a continuation of policies which were roundly rejected at the last election and the continuation of the "Tory-Lite" platform for a future Labour party under his leadership, should remove him from consideration, but it is clearly evident that Kinnock, Blair, Mandelson, Straw and the others will go to any lengths and stoop to any depths in their seeking to prevent Jeremy Corbyn being elected as leader.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

"One member, one vote" could produce a result that none of the "Tory-Lite" factions or the media could contemplate.

Andy Burnham says Corbyn supporters risk return to Labour splits of 1980s.

Andy Burnham

Burnham is rapidly going off the boil. At the start of this campaign, even before the names on the ballot paper were finalised, Burnham seemed a credible candidate to take on the leadership role, albeit that he was, and still is, including a slower and less severe austerity programme as part of his proposals for Labour party policy in the years to come. Personally, I would not vote for him, or a Labour party led by him, but he would have been the preferable option to either Cooper or Kendall. However, by abstaining from voting on the crucial welfare and reform bill a couple of weeks ago, linking with Cooper and Kendall in falling over themselves seeking to avoid a simple question from a listener on the Ian Dale LBC Radio programme and now joining the scare scaremongering campaign of warnings of “splits and factionalism” or worse, within the Labour party, Burnham has revealed himself as just another “Tory lite” candidate, determined to retain policies broadly similar to those of the Blairite factions of the Labour party who wrongly believe that proposing Conservative policy wrapped in a Labour package will somehow lead to success at the ballot box.

The "right" and "centre right" candidates

Burnham now adds his weight to the frenetic crusade being waged by the media and television news programmes, to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming the next leader of the Labour party. Having failed in their drive to discredit and ridicule Corbyn as “a token” candidate from the fringe left of the party with outdated ideas and no dress sense, they now resort to the tactic of promoting fear and suspicion of what a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party, may produce to challenge their historic position of dominance in the country.
This has been brought about by a situation which none of them could have even imagined some 9 months ago. In a fever of manoeuvrings to curb the influence of “the Unions” in party matters, particularly in the election of the leader of the party, the “right” introduced the “one member, one vote” system, (ironically same the voting system proposed and endorsed by the majority of constituency parties but rejected by Party Conference in favour of the Electoral College back in the 1980's), in the mistaken belief that “only the supporters of the Blairite sectors” of the party would actually vote in the election, and that life with a predominately right wing Parliamentary Labour Party, would continue as normal under the direction and influence of a centre right leader. How wrong they were in that belief.
When Jeremy Corbyn was placed on the leadership ballot paper as the fourth candidate, the other candidates, the media and television, the right of the party and perhaps most significantly, the larger part of the Parliamentary Labour Party, were stunned at the support Corbyn received within days if not hours of his candidacy being confirmed. Membership of the Labour party grew significantly within a very short time, with new members certainly but to the amazement of the party “establishment”, with thousands of old party members, like me, rejoining a party which many of us thought had deserted us in pursuit of popularity rather than principle.

Jeremy Corbyn

It was then that the realisation dawned that Corbyn could actually win the leadership election under the new procedure of one member one vote, particularly when Constituency after Constituency and union after union endorsed him, thousands of members pledged to support him with their votes and Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites were inundated with thousands of messages of support. It was the Blairite and their supporters sector of the party and the media's worst nightmare. The system which they had pushed through the party machine, could produce a result which they all feared.
Consequently, they have now resorted to the tactics to which they always defer in times of perceived crisis. The tactics of smear, innuendo, distortion and misrepresentation. As these tactics are clearly not working, they now introduce the negative ploy of fear and scaremongering in an attempt to move opinion towards their camp.
This time however, their scheme is unlikely to work as the “Vote for Jeremy Corbyn” campaign gains more supporters and grows even stronger amongst party members.

Friday, 31 July 2015

No visa for Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will visit London in early September-reports

Persona Non Grata.

This murderous, thieving, racist hypocrite is, by me at least, not welcome in this country.
Any visa application should be ripped up and thrown into the bin.
We have barred many other loathsome politicians from coming here on the grounds of civil rights abuses, war crimes, human rights violations and other reprehensible activities. Netanyahu has all these charges against him and should be stopped from entering the United Kingdom.

Support for Jeremy Corbyn grows by the day

Corbyn steams ahead in Labour leadership race as another trade union pledges support

Jeremy Corbyn

Two more Trade Unions and another batch of Constituency party organisations, endorse Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership. We are told however, that "critics" still claim that he is not electable.
It is worth noting that these "critics" are predominately the media and television who have their own agenda for supporting their particular choice from the other candidates and Blair with his camp followers.
It is the "Tory light" version of the Labour party that would ensure the continuation of a Conservative government into the foreseeable future. A Jeremy Corbyn led Labour party offers a clear and distinct alternative to the "status quo" of the tired old Labour policies which bear little difference from conservative policies, apart from the colour of the box in which they are presented.
It is this difference which terrifies the media and explains their hysterically vitriolic campaign of smear, distortion and belittling against the Islington North MP. The Blairites and the so called "centre", fear that their dominance within the Labour party is crumbling daily and the comfortable position of the Parliamentary Labour party within the "Westminster Bubble", is challenged.
Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord with both new and old Labour party members and with people across the country by offering real alternatives to the failed policies of past decades, and demonstrating that integrity, principle and giving straight answers to questions still can be found in politics today.
Support Jeremy Corbyn to be the next leader of the Labour party.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Killing badgers for no apparent reason.

Dorset in firing line for badger cull

The unproven, untested and barbaric practice of killing badgers for no other reason than some "expert" thinks that it may be a good idea, comes to Dorset.
The vast majority of scientific evidence and research, tell us that culling has very little or no effect on the spread of bovine TB. In fact the evidence says that inoculation would be an effective method of control if such a link could be establish and would in any case not require Badgers to be killed.  The only reason that inoculation is dismissed in because it is more expensive than a bullet and the "authorities" responsible for the culling process have to monitor costs and save money. Bloody outrageous.

Cooper, Burnham and Kendall offer only more of the same.

Yvette Cooper: Labour members have “a choice of two futures”, if Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership.

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper would have us believe that only she, or Burnham or Kendall (and obviously she would prefer it to be herself) can provide a return to power for Labour. It is a message that many people in this country may find rather familiar. The message that says only the right or centre right of the Labour party, is capable of securing an election victory to beat the Conservative and form a government. It is the same message which has been trotted out for many years with dwindling impact upon the electorate. The reasons why the Labour party has lost so much of its membership over the past 20 years together with a hemorrhage of voters to the SNP in Scotland and to UKIP in the rest of the UK, particularly evident in the May 7th election, is essentially because of the message that Cooper sends out today.

The "right" and "centre right" candidates

For far too long, the so called right and centre right of the Parliamentary Labour Party party have assumed that they have some sort of divine right to dominate the party and to determine what the policies shall be and in which direction the party will go forward. In this role of domination they have pursued the path of seeking to satisfy the “centre ground” with Labour versions of what are essentially Conservative policies. The result of this deception is that people have taken the view that rather than vote Labour and get some wishy washy facsimile of a Conservative government, they may as well vote Conservative, or perhaps more likely and disastrous for Labour, not vote at all or move to the SNP or UKIP candidate.
In one sense, Cooper is right when she says that this Labour leadership election provides “a choice of two futures”, but the comment applies specifically to the Labour party and the policies and values which the party should adopt. On the one hand, Cooper, Burnham and Kendall offer more of the same. A rag bag collection of of pseudo Conservative policies wrapped up in a different coloured paper, and presented to the electorate under a cloud of lies and deceit in yet another attempt to gain power at the ballot box.

Jeremy Corbyn. The "other" candidate.


The other candidate is the one that they, and the media and television, all fear. That explains the almost hysterical campaign of smear, innuendo and personal attacks being waged on the front page of practically every newspaper and on many of the popular news channels against Jeremy Corbyn and those who support him in the election campaign. How strange it is that the candidate who speaks about issues and vision, the candidate who is generally acknowledged (even by opponents) to give straight answers to the questions and to tell the truth, the candidate who offers real alternatives to the failed policies of past decades, should be so vilified and abused by those who have lies, deceit and duplicity as part of their everyday make up.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The "Independent" has become just a poor facsimile of the other "rags".

Labour leadership: New poll shows party is now even 'less electable' than under Ed Miliband

Which one of these candidates will succeed Ed Miliband?

Some time ago, the “Independent” was just that. A newspaper giving an independent view of events and stories from both within the United Kingdom and from around the world. Since the arrival of the “new” editorial regime however, the “Independent” has degenerated into a rather poor facsimile of the other press outlets competing in the media world, for the rather dubious position of being the most biased and deceitful right wing rag on the newsagent racks and the “online” news sites. In this, the “Independent” joins the “Mail” and the “Telegraph” on that fringe of the media spectrum, which provides a compelling case for merging the “Independent” with one or other of these “newspapers” in order to avoid duplication and to save money in production costs, staff salaries and associated expenses for the benefit of the shareholders.
Today's story, “Poll shows party is now even 'less electable' than under Ed Miliband”, is yet another example of how the media, and in particular the “Independent”, will never allow truth to get in the way of ensuring that the biased, negative message will be presented to the readership. In this regard, the independent joins the rest of the media and television in the campaign to affect the voting intentions of Labour Party members in the forthcoming leadership debate. With dubious statistics and questionable analysis, the Independent seeks to demonstrate that the election of any of the candidates other than Jeremy Corbyn, it is the only way for Labour to have any chance of electoral success in 2020. The media advocate that the Labour Party would be going backwards in the event that the Labour Party membership should elect Corbyn, and yet their preferred candidates represent views going back to Tony Blair, and who propose policies no different from those which have been rejected by the voters over the past two elections.
What is clearly obvious, is that this latest story from the Independent is merely part of an ongoing campaign to ensure the election of any candidate other than Jeremy Corbyn.