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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Cameron abandons hundreds of thousands to a "homeless" future

Cameron vows to scrap requirement to build affordable homes for rent


Cameron will encourage developers to increase the building of homes for first-time buyers.
Cameron either by accident or more probably design, conveniently ignores hundreds of thousands of people in this country who will never be able to afford to buy either low cost first time buyer homes or "affordable" homes.
This country has a housing crisis created by successive governments, where people are unable to buy or cannot afford to rent. Tinkering at the margin with the vague prospect of owning a home at sometime in the future, is a not very well disguised bribe to attract votes, which has been the way of things for decades and has failed miserably. What this country desperately needs is a housing programme to build at least 800,000 new homes of which a minimum of 75% must be social housing, from a combination of local Councils and Housing Associations, targeted to areas where the shortages are most acute.The additional work opportunities in the building and building supplies industries would also contribute to encouraging economic activity within the British economy.

Image result for social housing
Social housing. A thing of the past.

What the country does not need and cannot afford, is more platitudes and empty rhetoric from a tied and bankrupt Conservative party and their weakling leader who through their duplicitous actions over the years have been primarily responsible for creating the housing crisis that plagues us today.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Alexander Heath, a director of theTaxpayers Alliance, lobby group, lives in France and has not paid UK tax for years.

Taxpayers' Alliance admits director doesn't pay British tax

Hard on the heels of yesterdays story concerning Alex Wild (who is research director of  Taxpayers Alliance) and his outrageous suggestion to cut pensioners benefits now as many of them will be dead before the next general election and of those remaining, many will not remember who cut their benefiys anyway, comes the revelation that Alexander Heath, a director of the increasingly influential rightwing lobby group lives in France and has paid no tax in the United Kingdom for many years.
The Taxpayers Alliance which has very close ties with the Conservative party claims to be "the guardian of taxpayers' money, the voice of taxpayers in the media and their representative at Westminster".At the Conservative party conference, the influence of theTaxpayers Alliance was underlined when David Cameron and George Osborne followed its recommendations for freezing public sector pay and capping civil servants' salaries at the level of the prime minister, unless approved by the chancellor.
The Taxpayers Alliance influence within the Conservative Party  include monthly meetings where speakers have included Eric Pickles, the Conservative party chairman, Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, and Daniel Hannan, the Tory Eurosceptic MEP who recently claimed the NHS was "a 60-year mistake".
As I said yesterday, the Taxpayers Alliance is  little more than another extreme right pressure group, which with support and encouragement from the Conservative party, is fast becoming a dangerous and influential malignancy in British politics.
We also know that at least one of its members avoids paying any tax to the United Kingdom Tax and Revenue

A "civil war" with many sides and no prospect of resolution. 


Here's how Syria became hell on earth

Bashar al Assad


One of the many sides



Civil War

 "The US and its allies have spent the past four years trying to figure out who to support in the conflict, and how."

That phrase sums it up in a nutshell and even right up to now, the US and its allies still have no idea what they are trying to do, or how to do it. The House of Commons may soon be asked (again) by the government to authorise British military involvement in this conflict. Any United Kingdom politician  voting in favour of authorising such intervention, no matter how limited, will be guilty of committing our service personnel to a civil war where there are numerous hostile combatants all fighting against each other and where there is no clear objective as to what the UK war aims actually are. The only certainty is that RAF Brize Norton will again see the return of fallen service personnel and the question "Why?" will be asked around the country.
There is no justification, moral, military, economic or even humanitarian, for this country to become involved in a conflict created by the failed foreign policy of western nations and where the currently bad situation is being made even worse by continued and escalating interventions.   

Monday, 5 October 2015

Alex Wild of the Taxpayers' Alliance says cut pensioner benefits as many may be dead before the next election..

Taxpayers' Alliance: Cut pensioner benefits 'immediately'

"Many of those hit by a cut to the winter fuel allowance might "not be around" at the next election, and others would forget which party had done it" Alex Wild of the Taxpayers' Alliance
Alex Wild. Taxpayers Alliance


 In making a comment which could have been taken straight from  the pages of  "Der Stürmer", Alex Wild reveals the "Taxpayer Alliance" as being little more than another extreme right pressure group, which with support and encouragement from the Conservative party, is fast becoming a dangerous and influential malignancy in British politics.

The Conservative party uses this and other noxious groupings, to float out their pernicious ideas for party policy to gauge public reaction and to prepare the British people for even greater excesses during the course of a parliament.  

Taxpayers Alliance

How long will it be before these fascist bastards actually suggest compulsory euthanasia for all over the age of 70? The "Final solution to the aging population problem".

The "Taxpayers Alliance", is a dangerous and evil faction which must be opposed whenever  their obnoxious views and proposals are made public.




Sunday, 4 October 2015

HIGNFY has become a vehicle for Hislop's snide comments.

Richard Osman is the nation's hero, taking down Jeremy Clarkson on Have I Got News For You 



I used to be an avid follower of this programme, but recent series have drifted off and lost the sharpness and wit of previous offerings as they seem to have sunk into 29 minutes (more if you watch the extended versions) of snide remarks rather than pointed satire. Last nights show was a continuation of this theme.
Richard Osman has demonstrated on other programmes that he has a sharp wit and his exchanges with Clarkson (never one of my favourite "personalities) attracted some audience reaction. However, the most positive reaction from the audience with applause and cheers, occurred when Osman refuted some sneering criticism of Jeremy Corbyn following remarks from other panelists.
Another great disappointment with this show is the way in which Ian Hislop seems to have shifted his political position. I recall how before the 1994 General Election, Hislop was a staunch supporter of Blair but over the years has clearly become disillusioned and it is now difficult to see where his political sympathy lies. What is perfectly clear is that Hislop is very anti Corbyn and last nights snide and spiteful comments emphasised his now usual bigotry.
I shall not bother to watch the rest of the series, not because of its "anti Corbyn" slant last night (which will probably be a continuing theme fro the rest of the series), but because "Have I got News for you" or HIGNFY, is no longer funny. 

Another recollection of words written some years ago.

 Another of Sandra's poems from some years ago.


You who spoke with twisted tongue,
You who Glory's emblem hung
Above the world to mask your lie
And doomed the innocent to die.
You who told them victory
Would bring them strength and unity.
How dared you dignify a war?
You whose hand was but a claw,
Talons grasping. Power lust
Crushed their hope and faith to dust.
You their honour so defiled
When to the human race you lied.

A recollection of words written some years ago.

My wife Sandra, (Facebook page Sandra Yates), has for some years been writing poetry as a hobby.
She has recently become interested in politics, and has joined the Labour party. During the Labour party conference, the issue of, “pressing the button” arose which generated a great deal of comment in the media and amongst members of the party. It also caused Sandra to recall a poem which she had written some 25 years ago. This is it.


The grass is white: In England
The cattle graze no more
In once luxuriant pastures
Enjoyed by them before.
The trees are bare: In England
The birds no longer rest
Within once laden branches
So safely in their nest.
There is silence now: In England
No children's voices bring
To once vivacious playgrounds
A happy, lively ring.
What happened to the grass and trees?
What hushed the child at play?
What happened to the cows and birds,
What made them die away?
Well, a finger pressed the button
Meant only for 'defence'.
They said, “We'll never use it.”
Yet they did … to great expense.
Our destruction is so futile,
To what purpose was their aim?
There cannot be a victor,
No 'spoils of war' to claim.
I write, before we perish,
Here in the aftermath.
My finger tracing in the dust
Our country's epitaph.