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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The "markets" do not like the possibility of intervention, no matter how modest.

Labour's housing plans wipe nearly £200m off value of UK home builders

Modest plans wipe £200 million off value of Britain's house builders.

How strange it is that a political party's plans to assist potential house buyers and to offer some rent controls as relief to those families renting their homes should cause such alarm and despondency among Britain's house building companies as almost £200 million is wiped off the value of their companies. It seems that the possibility of some controls in the housing sector, no matter how modest, can cause such alarm in "the markets" as they contemplate some reductions in their already inflated "margins".
What is not strange however, is the fact that a rabid right wing rag such as "The Telegraph" should place such great emphasis on the drop in share values in yet another attempt to dissuade people from voting for the party concerned.
Politics is foul.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Simon Calder of the Independent is way off the mark.

Aviation history is littered with failures - not just the fatally flawed Comet 1, the hopelessly timed Bristol Brabazon and the terminally unviable Concorde.  

(Simon Calder. Travel Correspondent for the Independent)

Concord. Murdered by the United States aviation industry

The Concord was not a failure. It was a wonderful aircraft in concept, design and build and was far in advance of anything then on the market. The Concord was, in fact, murdered by the American government and the American aircraft manufacturing lobby led by Boeing. At that time the Boeing SST design and build programme was at least 6 years behind the Aerospatiale BAC joint venture to build a supersonic passenger aircraft. Similarly, the Rolls Royce/SNECMA engines were ahead of the Pratt and Whitney engines for the Boeing aircraft. For these reasons, and being unable to prevent flights to the USA completely, the American authorities would not grant licences for direct flights into New York or Las Angeles but instead granted a licence for flights to Washington. After some 2 years of delay however scheduled service from Paris and London to New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport began in November 1977.The delays in commencing scheduled services onto the more lucrative Trans Atlantic routes ensured that Aerospatiale BAC were unable to continue the programme for Concord marks 2 and 3.
Concord was not a failure, but it was a victim.

Fiddling at the margins

Labour pledges to abolish stamp duty on house purchases for first-time buyers

Labour to cut stamp duty on homes under £300k for first time buyers

Help for "first time buyers" and curbs on rent increases.
Two measures seeking to attract votes but will do nothing to resolve the problem. For Miliband and all of the other politicians paying lip service to the housing crisis with half baked useless cliches, the message is a simple one.
Stop fiddling with the margins and address the fundamental issue. We desperately need more housing in all sectors, but especially in the rented sector be it private or social. The parties should commit to (and deliver) 300,000 new homes with at least 80% for rented accommodation built for local authorities or housing associations. The "right to buy" nonsense should be scrapped and the "cap" on rent levels across the board should be fixed at no more than the rate of inflation. Why have the politicians of all parties so little backbone when it comes to addressing the housing crisis? Perhaps they and their friends in the building industry, prefer a situation where a shortage of available housing for private purchase or available for rented accommodation, ensures a higher price level and thereby higher profits for builders, landlords and others.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Propaganda from the usual suspects to undermine the Syriza party-led coalition

Greeks’ view of the debt crisis: ‘What lies ahead is great, great hardship’

Syriza-led coalition government

"Three months on from Alexis Tsipras’s victory, hope is ebbing away and support for his party is haemorrhaging" screams the headline.
Just goes to show how in the war of propaganda, the Troika, Brussels, European bankers, Angela Merkel, the IMF and no doubt assisted by CIA "advisers", the anti Alexis Tsipras will descend to any depth to discredit the new Greek government, without any consideration of the truth.
Perhaps these organistions would prefer a "coup" in Greece and new elections in the hope that the outcome will produce a government more subservient to them than to the Greek people.

Trust us. We know what is best.Politicians asking for a "blank cheque".

Voters want straight answers on where the welfare axe will fall

Tories refuse to say exactly what they will cut

Why should the British people trust any politician asking for a "blank cheque"?
From the evidence of their actions over previous years, the lies, the deceit, the duplicity of their broken promises, the mutual support to force through divisive and punitive measures in the name of austerity, they have demonstrated contempt for the electorate.
Trust? They could not be trusted to run a coconut stall at the local village fete.

NHS cuts as £34 million spent on Agency nurses in the South West alone.

NHS hit by stealth cuts of £2bn

Warning bells sound as spending on agency nurses soars

In 2014, the South West area NHS Trusts of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset alone, spent £34 million on obtaining Agency nursing from private companies. There is every reason to believe that similar and even greater sums in a number of other NHS Trusts around the country.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Who killed Jill Dando and why was she murdered?

Jill Dando secret files revealed: Murder defence team never saw key profiles

Jill Dando (9 November 1961 – 26 April 1999)do

Who killed Jill Dando and why was she murdered?
In the 1990's, Jill Dando prepared a file alleging that 'big name stars' and BBC staff were involved in abuse. The BBC have since denied any knowledge of the file.
In view of developments and revelations over recent years, perhaps the BBC should have another look for the file and the police should investigate another line of enquiry.