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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Machiavellian ploy or genuine attempt at reconcilliation?

We must all work with Jeremy Corbyn, says Chuka Umunna

Chuka Umunna: "We must accept the result of our contest when it comes"

It is said that "a week is a long time in politics".
Chuka Umunna, the Blairite prodigy who could not endure the spotlight on him, his family and his friends,  coming from the press and media during his short period as a prospective   leadership candidate, has however taken some 15 weeks, since May in fact, to reach the view that "We must all work with Jeremy Corbyn", and then going on to say that we must "not make the mistake of giving the impression that electability requires the party to ditch its principles"
Now this seems a little different from his position of a few short months ago, but is a welcome departure from the idea that winning elections is the overriding intention,  no matter how many principles or commitments need to be prostituted along the road to that objective. 
No matter that some may view this intervention with some scepticism or even suspicion, it is never the less a refreshing departure from the undercurrent of plots, intrigue and calls from Tristam Hunt,Kendall and others for a "Parliamentary “resistance” movement" in the event that Jeremy Corbyn should be elected as Labour party leader. (As recently as 27th August, the Telegraph was actually reporting the rumour that Umunna is involved in this plot).
Whether or not this is some Machiavellian ploy in respect of future leadership ambitions remains to be seen, but for now perhaps Umunna should be given the benefit of the doubt.  

Monday, 31 August 2015

Former Bullingdon Club member uncovers another threat to national security

Jeremy Corbyn poses national security threat, says George Osborne 



 Gideon Oliver Osborne (changed his name to George when he was 13)

Gideon is an idiot.There are hundreds of thousands (if not more) people in this country who are opposed to the renewal of Trident. Are we all a "national security threat"?  If we are, we should all be arrested under the "Anti terrorism" acts and held in prison (usually without charge or trial) to protect the public.
The flaw in this of course, is that Gideon and his wretched colleagues in this government (and the one preceding this lot), are careering along the "austerity" road and have inflicted so many cuts that they do not have enough prison spaces to hold us all.
As someone once said "Osborne you are a plonker"

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Is this really the "final plea" from Tony Blair? We can only hope that he is telling us the truth for a change.

Corbynmania is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ politics, says Tony Blair in final plea

We hope that this will be Blair's final plea on anything

Blair led this country into a war using a fairy tale as an excuse.Why should anyone listen to his warped stories now? He counts his £millions fortune and gives "advice" to the Labour party which he, Mandelson,Brown and Campbell destroyed.
The headline says "Tony Blair's final plea" .We can only hope that this is true and this is his final contribution to anything.

Sky News persists with its campaign to influence the ballot, no matter where their contributions come from

Corbynmania Is 'Alice in Wonderland'. In a new warning against a Corbyn victory, Tony Blair says supporters of the Labour race frontrunner live in a "parallel reality".

Another intervention from Tony Blair

Sky News giving wide coverage as they play the “Blair Card” again.
This comes as no surprise as Sky News, their faceless editorial staff from “upstairs”, their predominately biased news anchor's and certainly their Paper review's at 10:30pm and again at 11:00pm, every evening, have clearly shown over the past weeks, an almost hysterical anti Jeremy Corbyn slant on every possible occasion. The Blair intervention has been on every news bulletin for at least 10 minutes since the “story” broke and pushes all other news items onto the back burner. Just why Sky News should give such hard coverage to a story (apart from taking another opportunity to attack Corbyn) of an intervention from a man who led this country into a war using a fairy tale as an excuse and along with Mandelson, Brown and Campbell destroyed the Labour party, is a complete mystery.
Sky News however is only seeking to carry on its campaign to “Stop Corbyn” and adds this latest intervention to the Paper reviews on their evening programme. Over the past weeks, successive “reviewers” have occupied the sofa to pour out their frequently ill informed and always nasty comments about the Labour leadership election generally and about Corbyn in particular. 

Vincent Graff

Roya Nikkhah

Niall Paterson: Sky News

I have commented previously about Carole Malone, Jackie Smith, Iain Dale and others, but last nights contributions exceeded even that of Carole Malone for sheer spite and venom. I refer of course to the Saturday night (29th August 2015) Paper review featuring one Roya Nikkhah a Telegraph (who else?) journalist and Vincent Graff a journalist who writes for both the Mail and the Guardian, claims to have been a Labour party support and member for many years and is supporting Liz Kendall in the leadership election, which of course says a great deal about the man and his position within the party.
Between them, over the time that was allocated for the “review” by the, often equally anti Corbyn, Niall Paterson, the “reviewers” Nikkhah and Graff seemingly competed against each other to be the most cutting in their journalistic crusade, but only managing to render the points they were seeking to put across almost meaningless in the general tirade of spite directed against the Corbyn camp.
During the past weeks of the leadership contest, and no doubt for the next 10 days or so until the voting ends, Sky News has amongst all the media, been perhaps the most vehement in its eagerness to influence the result of the leadership contest.
Clearly, they will use contributions from whatever sources may become available and yet another intervention from Blair adequately serves their purpose.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tom Baldwin fears "surge in support for Corbyn’s straight-talking manner and anti-austerity brand of politics".

Ed Miliband not to blame for Jeremy Corbyn's rise, says former aide

Tom Baldwin
Tom Baldwin

Just when we thought that the Guardian was running out of ideas for trashing Corbyn and those in the party who support him, Rowena Mason, has dragged out Tom Baldwin (Tom who?) to add his “weight” to the "Don't vote for Corbyn" campaign. In another existence, Rowena Mason was probably the other soothsayer sitting on the steps of the senate in ancient Rome repeating the message, "The ides of March are come! All in well in the House of Caesar!”
The Guardian has dragged out the thoughts and quotations of Tom Baldwin as if they represent the beam of enlightenment which will finally ensure that their preference in the contest, Yvette Cooper, will be the next leader of the Labour party. However, an examination of what Baldwin is reported as saying reveal contradictions and distortions which are selected, presumably to support the Guardian
editorial slant.
Baldwin reveals his Blairite leanings with the comment that, “Labour must begin by reaching people outside the party and bringing them in – just as Blair did 20 years ago”. A policy of promising all things to all people in exchange for their votes, which, in turn, led to declining membership of the Labour party and a fall in support at subsequent elections resulting in two successive defeats, as well as the growth of the electorate's disillusionment with politics and the “Westminster bubble” status quo as well as the Labour party.
The comment that the Labour party is “justifiably suspicious at the prospect of being led by someone who rebelled against the last government more than any other MP” is a remarkable piece of double talk which Mason implies as some sort of criticism of Corbyn's integrity and principle.
The Parliamentary Labour party, including Cooper, Kendall and Burnham, supported ConDem coalition policies of cuts in benefits, welfare, trade union legislation and other measures and even abstained on the Welfare reform bill in a recent Commons vote. Before that, the PLP as a government, has supported measures which have resulted in creeping privatisation of services against the interests of ordinary people and has even taken this country into an illegal war based on a fairy tale. The fact that Jeremy Corbyn voted against the PLP on these issues should be commended not criticised.
Tom Baldwin completes this intervention with a comment in respect of the leadership election reforms introduced by Miliband (Minor) and enthusiastically endorsed by the Labour party and those candidate and supporters who now criticise the process at every opportunity, presumably because they do not like the distinct possibility that Corbyn may actually win. The new system of 1 member 1 vote, was ironically, a system proposed by Constituency parties back in the 1970's but which was resoundingly rejected by the PLP and other right wing elements in favour of the “Electoral College”.
The headline “Ed Miliband not to blame for Jeremy Corbyn's rise, says former aide” does not really prepare the reader for what the article actually contains, but that is not unusual for the Guardian, particularly over the last few weeks during this leadership election contest.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Sky News finds another sneering, patronising reviewer for their Paper Review. Sky News 10:30pm and 11:00pm

 Carole Malone and her "contribution" to the Sky News Paper review

Carole Malone

Sky news paper review, last night (27 August 2015), featured  Carole Malone, the woman with the motorised mouth and sneering features who thinks that the death of 6 children in an arson attack was “an accident waiting to happen” and that  illegal immigrants receive "free cars".
Her contribution to the Sky News paper review, centered mainly on her demand that the Labour party should elect as their leader a person that "the public" want in the position. (Not, you will note who the party members want, but who the public want). She did not elaborate (thank God. She has the most irritating and affected mannerisms that you could imagine) on how "the public" could be asked the question. Presumably she would take the opinion from one or other of the media outlets or most probably, she would make the decision herself. Should she ever pause for breath in her endless ramblings, perhaps someone could observe that she could have paid her £3 and had a say herself.
Awful woman.

Labour Party membership will determine policy and that petrifies the "establishment".

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour membership will determine policy, not me 


Labour membership will determine policy. Not me.

It is the idea that Labour party policy will be made by Labour party members and not the MP's of the Parliamentary Labour party, that is a major feature of why many of the PLP are so opposed to Jeremy Corbyn and the campaign for him to become Labour leader. It is this prospect which unites the PLP with the hysterical crusade in the media and on television, with its smear, distortion and lies in the "anyone but Corbyn" operation which has been raging for weeks.
However, the Labour party has historically, held the position that the party manifesto and therefore its policy, would be determined at Annual Conference and where Conference resolutions and decision were passed, those resolutions would be included in the Labour party manifesto. The flaw in this process was/is that even if Conference passed resolutions, the content could be bypassed by the PLP and manifesto committees and consequently never appear in the document finally presented to the electorate as the Labour Party manifesto.
This has over many years festered into a growing rift between many sections of the party and the PLP who have been seen as drifting away from the party members to pursue their own agenda after their election to the Commons.
Jeremy Corbyn is merely stating what has been the position for many years and that under his leadership, the party will determine policy rather than the PLP and a small clique of "advisers" setting the programme. That is the way it should be and how it will be should Corbyn be elected.