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Saturday, 10 December 2016

C I A excel in hypocrisy

CIA concludes Russia interfered to help Trump win election

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This is the same CIA who organised the coup to overthrow the democratically elected Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, and then engineered the subsequent"elections," to install the despotic and corrupt dictator, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as "President".

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This is the CIA who are now leaping about in "rage", because. allegedly, e-mails have been leaked from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief, among others.
The CIA again demonstrate a perverted sense of values with their hysterical hypocrisy.

More than 350 workers are being sacked because they would not agree to a new contract that meant less pay.

Care workers sacked because they won't agree to pay cut in council company's 'Project Fear' 

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Council care staff face sack - because they won't sign a contract for less pay 

How times have changed and not for the better.
Some years ago, the thought of an employer being able to sack workers and then in the next second, re employing them on reduced pay and worse conditions, would have been dismissed as a fantasy existing only in the darkest recesses in the mind of the most unscrupulous employer, or in the dream world of some extreme right wing conservative politicians and their supporters, who would also welcome a return to sending children up into chimneys.
Now, since the days of Thatcher and her compulsion to drive working people into submission and be thankful that they actually have a job, with her anti trade union legislation and recourse to the courts of law and the forces of the police, the balance has been grossly changed. Today it is common for this practice to be used as an alternative to normal industrial relations negotiations, whereby an employer can legally say "I will negotiate, but this is what I shall do. If you do not agree, I will terminate your employment and give you a new contract, implementing the changes that I am demanding. Take it or leave it."
The most glaring example in recent months, of this outrageous abuse of the employers position, is the long running Junior Doctors dispute with Jeremy Hunt and the conservative government. There have been numerous examples across other industries not least of all in transport and local authorities and now comes this latest case where more than 350 workers are being sacked by the county–council owned social care company, because they would not agree to a new contract that meant less pay. It is an outrage and it is wrong.

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The reason why that, in the first part of this 21st Century, we are still facing the abuses of rogue employers and the unscrupulous politicians who enthusiastically support them, is the failure of successive Labour party governments to repeal or even amend the anti trade union legislation passed during the 1980's and early 1990's. In fact, the government of Tony Blair, 1997 to 2007 and to a lesser extent the government of Gordon Brown 2007 to 2010, consolidated and expanded legislation placing even more restrictions and available sanctions on working people in this country.

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Did nothing to repeal anti working people lgislation
It is not, nor should it ever be the role of the Labour party, either by design or omission, to perpetuate or introduce, policies and legislation, which are detrimental to or not in the best interests of those people that we seek to represent.
It must be a clear objective and task of the next Labour government and a policy which must be included in our manifesto as a firm commitment, to repeal all anti Trade Union legislation passed into law since 1980, to restore the principle of "Free Collective bargaining" in the workplace, remove the punitive restrictions on the rights to peacefully picket, restore the right to demonstrate and protest against exploitation, restore the rights to withdraw labour and to end the restrictions on the right of working people to organise and join Trade Unions.
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Working people in this country have in many cases, been reduced to the levels of slave labour with Zero hour contracts, imposed short time working, less than minimum wage payments and often dangerous working condition. We in the Labour party and Trade Union movement, must lead the way in the struggle to restore decent working conditions and practices and bring back balance to the current grossly distorted worker to employer relationship.

Friday, 9 December 2016

The hypocrisy of "diplomacy" concealing reality.

Downing Street has slapped down Boris Johnson for suggesting that Saudi Arabia is abusing Islam and conducting proxy wars in the Middle East

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I am no big fan of the buffoon (but not such a buffoon as he would have us believe), Johnson. In fact I am not a little fan either, but in fairness, I find that the reaction of Theresa May in "slapping down," Johnson for telling the truth to be hypocritical in the the extreme. 
Not only hypocritical but very sinister when the United Kingdom government resorts to, "The action or practice of behaving obsequiously in order to gain favour", which is the dictionary definition of "Arse licking" and seeks to pass it off as the "etiquette of diplomatic behaviour". 

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In the case of Saudi Arabia of course there is a very special relationship, and no one is allowed to criticise, in any way, the despotic Arab State run by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and a few thousand of his extended family, a family incidentally installed as the House of Saud by the British after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 and supported from the 1930's onward in exchange for oil concessions for Britain its other allies.

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Part of the ruling family
Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is a serial abuser of human rights and routinely beheading or stoning to death criminals or those opposing the tyrannical dictatorship of the Al Saud regime. Everyone also knows that Saudi (Sunni Islam) has been waging a proxy war against Iran (Shia Islam) for many years, (which is what Boris Johnson actually said), in addition to its covert involvement in other regional conflicts. It is also waging a heinous campaign in Yemen, ostensibly in support of the Yemeni government in their civil war against rebel forces in the west of the country, and in the pursuit thereof has committed numerous war crimes against the civilian population in those areas loyal to the "rebel" forces.  

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The British government defends and supports Saudi Arabia in these conflicts and in the abuses of civil liberties within the Kingdom, supplying £billions of weapons, aircraft and other logistical support. Any criticism is met with the standard British government response that Saudi Arabia is a very strong ally of the United Kingdom, and supplies high level intelligence in the "War on Terror" which of course make any actions in any respect taken by the Saudi's as completely acceptable.
It seems that Boris Johnson has fallen victim to the hypocrisy and double standards of Downing Street by not observing the diplomatic niceties. 

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Euphoric nonsense on the front pages of our national press.

A very shabby climb down to avoid a telling defeat.

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It is difficult this morning to resist being overwhelmed and taken it by the euphoric nonsense spewing forth in the headlines on the front pages of certain of our national newspapers, who have have historically been less than enthusiastic on the question of the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union. The Mail, the Telegraph, the Express and the rest of the usual suspects scream out at us with such hysterical absurdities as, "Victory for PM. Commons back May on Brexit", or "Hooray. MP's say Yes to EU exit" or "MP's hand May a blank cheque for Brexit" and perhaps the most preposterous headline of them all screeching, "BREXIT VICTORY: Remoaner plot CRUSHED as MPs vote to APPROVE triggering of Article 50". The standards of British newspaper reporting have deteriorated noticeably over recent decades, but this mornings front-page offerings and associated reports have sunk to even lower levels of wretched depravity.
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Ken Clarke mocked the PM: We will be told the 'plan is for a red white and blue Brexit... we need a white paper.'
The reality of what happened yesterday in the House of Commons, which incidentally cannot be taken in isolation from the government appeal taking place a few hundred yards away in the Supreme Court, is that the government, and Theresa May in particular, avoided an embarrassing, perhaps even terminal defeat on a motion moved by the Labour party. Notwithstanding the fact that the motion is in any case non binding, the Prime Minister faced the disturbing prospect of at least 40 of her own MP's going into the lobby with the opposition, which would have resulted in a crushing government defeat.
Peel away the layers of rhetoric and spurious nonsense in today's papers and we are left with the truth of what actually took place. The Labour party tabled a motion calling on the government to clarify its intentions in respect of triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. It quickly became apparent that a telling number of Conservative MP's were not only prepared to abstain on any vote, but had the intention to actually vote against the government whips and support the motion. The Prime Minister and her government were then forced to table an amendment to the Labour motion, which the conservative rebels were able to support and when Labour accepted the amendment a government defeat was avoided.
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Keir Starmer presses for 'detailed' Brexit plan
It is difficult to extrapolate from these events, how the British press can push out such arrant hogwash as that on today's front pages. The alchemists of the media and those on the benches of government, are seeking to create a "stunning victory" for Theresa May and the Brexit camp within her government, out of what was nothing more than a shabby climb down and about turn to avoid a commons defeat.
The true "winners" arising from yesterday's events and votes are the Labour party who have now forced the hand of the government into revealing intent and programme in respect of commencing negotiations.

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It is not over yet.
Judging by the stories in today's papers, it would be easy to come to the view that this matter is finalised and it is now a "done deal". Nothing could be further from the truth. There is much water to pass under the bridge before the Untied Kingdom (or what may be left of it at the time), finally leaves (or does not leave), the European Union.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Supreme Court is not seeking to overturn Brexit.

Sky News: Newspaper preview 6th December 2016.

Carole Malone, journalist and writer was again one of the occupants of the Sky News sofa last night for their nightly newspaper preview. During the course of her first contribution at 10:30, Malone managed to clearly demonstrate that not only is she a rude and patronising "journalist", but also that she has a complete ignorance of the topic that she spent over twenty minutes hysterically trying to talk over Ian Dunt, the other occupant on the sofa, with her nonsense rantings that the Supreme Court judges hearing the governments appeal against a High Court ruling were seeking to overturn and reverse the Brexit decision arising from the June referendum.

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Carole Malone

It is one thing to argue passionately about a subject where you clearly have a knowledge of the detail, but quite another to be hysterically shouting about a subject upon which your knowledge is limited or even non existent. Ian Dunt who wrote the best seller, "Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?: Everything You Need to Know About Britain's Divorce from Europe 2016" was clearly stunned as Malone completely ignored his attempts to explain to her the reality of the situation, as she droned on about "these judges trying to overturn Brexit and defy the decision of the referendum".

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Ian Dunt

She clearly could not or perhaps would not, wrap her mind around the paramount question as to whether government, or more accurately the "Executive" in the form of Prime Minister with a very few other ministers, has the power, through "Government Prerogative" to implement policy or overturn treaties or other legislation without Parliament (The Lords and Commons combined) approval.
I have written in the past that this is not a question of "Brexit" or "Remain". It is not even a question about the judiciary "interfering" with the democratic process of this country. The only question, is that of the pre-eminence of Parliament and its members, and whether Parliament (Lords and Commons combined) can be circumvented and undermined by a small clique of MP's using the antiquated and now corrupted concession, of "Prerogative" to push through legislation which they know will be problematic to enact should the matter be debated in Parliament or to change, amend or completely repeal legislation previously passed by Parliament, in this case the European Communities Act 1972 (UK).

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Anna Botting

Even Anna Botting seemed bewildered by Malone's preoccupation with the Supreme Court judges, who are in her opinion, "seeking to overturn Brexit". In fact, Malone was not even aware of the constitutional position that a referendum result in the United Kingdom is not legally binding, even though it would be a brave politician who ignored the result.

It is difficult to understand why Sky News persistently invite these second rate newspaper previewers like Carole Malone, Christina Patterson, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Sayed Mathews and a few others, back on to the programme to occupy the sofa every night. One thing is clear however. What ever these people are being paid as a fee, it is far too much.    

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Take the railways back into Public Ownership.

Network Rail to lose complete control of tracks in Government shake-up

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Another half baked scheme from a government tinkering with the peripheries of a problem and coming up with yet another "opportunity to secure private sector investment".
In any other words, an opportunity for some private companies to have access to vast sums of taxpayers (that's us) money and milk off huge profits for the benefit of their share holders and of course that all important "bottom line". 

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The only solution solution to the growing difficulties of the railways, from the point of view of the travelling passengers and of the tax payers, is for the entire railway network, the rolling stock, the operators, the infrastructure the stations and everything else to be brought back into public ownership. For far too long, the private companies have enjoyed massive subsidies from the taxpayers as well as the additional income from inflated ticket prices, well above the rate of inflation, and also the "cost savings" brought about by reductions in staffing levels, all of which led to increased profits at the expense of the traveling public.  
It is a scandal created by conservatives and their commitment to the privatisation of all public assets, services and utilities, soon to be extended into what remains of our NHS.
It is a scandal which must be exposed and reversed for the benefit of all our people.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 04 December 2016

Good morning everyone.

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Where did it go?
It is now December. I have still not discovered where the rest of the year 2016 has disappeared to. It seems only yesterday that I was commenting on Junior Doctors, Snow, National lottery record roll over jackpot and Condor promising that "the technical problems which have plagued Liberation (their flagship) since it came into operation will be significantly reduced in 2016" (and they got that wrong as well!).

You may recall the story I reported regarding our experience on the overcrowded and (in my opinion) dangerous transport arrangements for passenger transfer between the airport terminal and the waiting aircraft at Southampton airport.
I reported this experience and apparent normal working practice to the Health and Safety Executive who have now sent the following reply:

"We have reviewed the information you provided and concluded that on this occasion we will not follow-up this matter. The reason is that the issues you have raised have already been addressed and there is no on-going health and safety issue that requires HSE’s involvement".

So the next time that you are jammed into a clearly overloaded bus with other standing passengers, between terminal building and aircraft, (whether it be at Southampton or any other UK airport), you should recall that the HSE considers that, "........ there is no on-going health and safety issue that requires HSE’s involvement".

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Andrew Sachs or even "Manuel"
We have by now probably lost count ot the number of "personalities" who have passed away since January of this year. Sports personalities, entertainers, singers, film and television actors, politicians, journalists, musicians and others, (and of course those people known to each of us as friends or relatives). Perhaps it is my imagination, but 2016 seems to be a year more than any I can remember, when the news has almost daily, certainly weekly, been announced that another celebrity has died. The latest name to be added to this growing list is that of Andreas Siegfried "Andrew" Sachs. probably best known to everybody as Manuel the general dogsbody at the Fawlty Towers Hotel and Basil's long suffering victim, has died aged 86. Manuel was from "Bathelona" while Andrew Sachs was born in Berlin in 1930.
Of all the hilarious scenes with Manuel, this one for me any way, just shades it for top spot. But then again, "I Know nothing. I am from Bathelona" (copy and past for link.)

or even (copy and paste for link.)

"Andrew" Sachs (7 April 1930 – 23 November 2016) R I P

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Not amused.
Theresa May ordered a crackdown on unauthorised leaks by ministers and civil servants with a warning that culprits will face instant dismissal if they are caught. A copy of the memo was immediately leaked to the media.
A leaked document reveals a crack down on leaks. Hilarious. A pantomime of this governments and of the Prime Ministers trail of incompetence and ineptitude. You could not make this up.

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The Chinese are building a replica of the Titanic in Sichuan Province with a Labour Peer travelling to China to heap praise on the plan. Rebuilding the doomed passenger liner in a landlocked Chinese county more than 1,200km from the sea with Peter Benjamin Mandelson, Baron Mandelson on board (probably in the Café Parisien for first class passengers) seems a reasonable thought.
No chance of an iceberg that far from the coast though.

They are still forecasting snow, but it is getting warmer. Yes. I am confused too.

Have a nice week