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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Has the Guardian become converted to the tolerance and compromise idea ?

The Guardian view on the Labour leadership. 

Wanted: Tolerance and compromise. Editorial.

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I read this article twice. The first time, I thought that I had picked up a piece which had strayed into the pages of the Guardian, as if by accident from another newspaper. Only upon the second reading did I realise, with a growing sense of incredulity, that this was in fact a Guardian article and moreover, one written under the heading of, ""Editorial": The Guardian view on the Labour leadership: wanted – tolerance and compromise".
I found the "Editorial" to be a little puzzling, because here they are, calling for, "a collective effort to work together or even merely to coexist tolerantly, based on compromise and mutual respect" when, for the past 12 months or so, the Guardian has been in the vanguard of those media outlets calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be removed from the leadership. Successive journalists from this paper, and numerous "Guest opinions", Polly Toynbee, Neil Kinnock, David Blunkett and others, have consistently produced articles unfairly critical of Corbyn and his leadership, and frequently reproducing smear and distortions carried elsewhere, designed to undermine Corbyn's position to assist some other member, more acceptable to the Guardian (and a perception of their readership preference, which strangely enough was not generally reflected in the "comments" sections of the articles). It is widely known that the Guardian preference of candidate in the leadership election of 2015, was Yvette Cooper and it is clearly obvious that Owen Smith received the most positive coverage during this 2016 leadership contest, albeit that the newspaper now seems to accept that Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected as Labour leader at around 11:45 today. The general theme supported by the Guardian, probably since May or June of last year, has been the "Anyone but Corbyn" line and using any smear or distortion to promote that argument.
This is what I found so surprising about this mornings plea for unity, tolerance and respect within the party, when they have been instrumental for so long in supporting and encouraging those divisive and disruptive elements which have brought us to the position we are in today. However, if the Guardian is sincere in its conversion, and now seeks to throw its considerable influence and weight into the fight against the Conservative government and unite behind the leadership of the party to bring about a Labour victory at the next General election whenever such election may be called, then we in the Labour party should welcome such a conversion and move forward.

The "Independent" off to an early start in the smear and vilification crusade.

Poll for The Independent shows a major disconnect between traditional Labour voters and new Corbyn supporters (well what would you expect from the "Independent")

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       Labour supporters are still backing Jeremy Corbyn in droves

The result of the Labour Party leadership election has not yet even been declared (the time is 06:50 Saturday 24th September), and already the "Independent" is preparing the ground for the next round of the, "We must get rid of Corbyn", smear and vilification campaign. The rest of the anti Corbyn media and television cabal will no doubt wade in with their duplicitous distortions over the next few hours and days (provided of course that at around 11:45 this morning Corbyn is actually declared to have won the ballot) to carry on the deceitful crusade that they have been openly waging for over 12 months against the leadership of the Labour party.
It is widely expected that Corbyn has defeated Smith with some projections putting the figures as high as a 64% to 36%. If this is in fact the case, regardless of the actual margin of victory, we can rely on the media concocting new "facts", smears and distortions to fill their reports from Liverpool.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Miliband Major is not coming back

David Miliband savages 'unelectable' Jeremy Corbyn, and his own brother too

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There are those in the Labour party who would like to see the return of Miliband Major to British politics. There are also those in the Labour party who rather that he stayed 3000 miles away. Miliband Major never really got over the shock, some may even say humiliation, of being defeated by his brother Miliband Minor, for the "Big Job" in Labour Party politics. Many people, not least of all Miliband Major himself, considered that the matter was a done deal and that he would be anointed as leader, to follow in the footsteps of Blair (via Brown). His disappointment and surprise was evident to all at the special Labour Party Conference, and to those watching on television, as Miliband Minor was awarded the crown, and within a very short space of time, Miliband Major stood down as an MP and disappeared to America to take up a lucrative position as Head of International Rescue Committee in New York, becoming CEO  on 1 September 2013. He has never really recovered from the shock of his brother winning and has spent the last 6 years or so, sulking and posturing from the comfort of his position in America.  

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Like his mentor Blair however, Miliband Major periodically emerges from the shadows to give to anyone prepared to listen or to any "journalist" from a newspaper prepared to give some space, his thoughts, guidance and advice on the ills of the Labour Party and its leadership, and how he has the answers if anyone will listen. However, again like the contributions from Blair, the words waft around in the breeze of British politics for a short time and then disperse to be forgotten and lost in obscurity.
Miliband Major has nothing to say, other than a few sour grapes remaining from his defeat and his realisation that he is not coming back. 

Have you been prevented from voting in the Labour Party leadership election?

If you have been prevented from voting in the Labour Party leadership election, please complete the survey. 

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There have been a significant amount of expulsions, suspensions and other methods of preventing members from voting in the current Labour leadership election It is presently estimated that more than 100,000 people have either not received their ballot papers on have been prevented from voting by other methods. 

On September 12th my wife was suspended from the Labour party, after receiving a letter stating 

"Allegations that you may have been involved in a breach of that rule have been brought to the attention of the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC). The allegations relate to:
Comments made on social media including on 31 December 2015.
It is important that these allegations are investigated and the NEC will be asked to authorise a full report to be drawn up with recommendations for disciplinary action if appropriate.
In the meantime, I give you formal notice that it has been determined that the powers given to the NEC under 6.I.1.A of the Party’s rules should be invoked to suspend you from office or representation of the Party*, pending the outcome of an internal Party investigation"

My wife has never used social media and has, for personal reasons, not been to party meetings for some months. There is no formal statement from the "accusers" and no evidence is offered in support of these "charges". Consequently, the content of the letter and the allegations therein are totally refuted and which led to an appeal being submitted on the same day.

Notwithstanding repeated e-mails to the appeals at@labour contact e-mail address and other connected e-mail addresses, the Labour Party did not even acknowledged receipt of the appeal. The net result being that the deadline for receipt of ballots, 12 noon on the 21st September 2016, passed and my wife was unable to vote in this crucial election. As previously mentioned, she was not alone in this, as some 100,000 other members appear to have been dis enfranchised also.

If you've been denied your vote in the Labour Leadership Election, Please take a moment to complete this survey

Yesterday, a message appeared in my inbox with a link to a simple survey, requesting information as to how and why, party members had been prevented from voting. The survey has been produced by  Ms G Richards (, who must be applauded for taking a step towards assisting ordinary members of the Labour party, to understand what has happened over recent weeks and the extent to which the party may have been affected.

It seems to me to be essential that Labour party members be given the opportunity to exchange information and personal experiences in connection with the leadership election which has witnessed events and circumstances, unprecedented in the history of the Labour Party and its democratic processes. 
Please take a moment to complete the survey and submit to the organiser.

The alternative is to dump it in landfill.

The UK’s first food waste supermarket opens


The food, which may otherwise have found its way to landfill, is used to feed 12,000 children a week.

It is a sad reflection on our society that, in the 21st Century in the United Kingdom, there is a necessity for places like this and for Food-banks. We should all feel a sense of shame that we have allowed successive governments to create the environment where the only rapidly growing industries are those charities providing food welfare and even energy welfare in some places, to feed and shelter almost 1 million families in this country today.

Monday, 19 September 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 18 September 2016

Good morning everyone.

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Question Time: 16th September 2016

I, and it seems many others, have lodged a formal complaint about last Thursday's Question Time and in particular about the behaviour of Anna Sourby MP.
Sourby was personally abusive and was constantly interrupting. Alastair Campbell was allowed to ramble on at length without interruption and Sourby's use of the words, "you are a nasty piece of work", directed at John McDonnell was totally unnecessary and unacceptable. The Express writes that Anna Sourby "roasted" John McDonnell. In fact all we had was a very spoilt, very abusive Conservative politician. who is the Member of Parliament for Broxtowe being as ignorant in the BBC Question Time studio as she is in the Chamber of the House of Commons..
John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons once "advised her "in all courtesy" to sit there and be quiet or to leave the chamber if she couldn't do so". Perhaps Dimbleby should have given her the same admonishment, but of course he is just as warped and biased as the Express is.

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I had a conversation with BT the other day. At least, I think that it was a conversation as the line to Mumbai was pretty bad that day. The BT "adviser" had as much trouble understanding me as I had understanding her. The problem is that ever since "High Speed" broadband eventually arrived in this village, the signal to my computers (wireless) from the router drops out, leaving me with the on screen message "No internet connection". There is no pattern to these interruptions which can happen at any time, but usually more frequent in the early morning or late afternoon. Sometimes it will remain connected all day, which rather confirms that there is something wrong with their router rather than my computers. She did tell me to go to the on line BT shop and purchase a signal booster which seems to be the usual cop out for some of these "advisers". I have complained to BT detailing my concerns and suggesting some solutions. I await their response.

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Proposed Hinckley Point C

Hinckley Point C has been given the go ahead to start construction. Some French (State owned) and Chinese (State owned) companies will make a great deal of money, (at the expense of the British tax payer), a few "vested interest" individuals and businesses in the United Kingdom will become richer and make a few "donations" to some political party treasury, and the British people will be paying for this rip off for many years to come. Once again the British people are paying and will always pay for the greed and excesses of business interest both at home and overseas and the complicity of politicians allowing this to happen. Even now it is not too late to stop this incredibly expensive white elephant from being completed and eventually charging consumers double the price for electricity.

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A UK player scooped £36.3 million on the Euro-millions lottery this week. I too had a win on the Euro-millions but as usual, "powers that be" in these matters, managed to put the decimal point in the wrong place by at least three positions. Now making this mistake once or even twice I can understand, but to consistently put the decimal point in the wrong location leads me to the conclusion that "luck" is a very subjective concept. Perhaps Nietzsche had an explanation for it but it is certainly beyond me.

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It was 35C in Gravesend and cloudy with rain in Dorset!
What on earth is going on?

Have a nice week

Monday, 12 September 2016

Dermot Murnaghan: Another of the Sky News "nasties".

Emily Thornberry accuses Sky presenter Murnaghan of sexism
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Murnaghan's smug smirk says it all

Dermot Murnaghan is yet another of those self opinionated obnoxious, patronising "presenters", so favoured by Murdoch's Sky News. Granted that Emily Thornberry could have handled the interview better, she allowed herself to become flustered by the provocative and hostile interview technique which is usual for Murnaghan in this Sunday morning slot.
Murnaghan may not have been sexist in this interview, but he certainly was loathsome.