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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Will we allow this evil murderer to remain in the UK, when we deport a 19year old girl studying for "A" levels?


Convicted killer fights deportation to ‘crowded and dirty’ Italian prison where he will be 'unable to call his wife'

Danilo Restivo

This is another glaring example of the argument and criticism which I used when condemning the deportation of Yashika Bhageerathi back in early April.

At that time,I received many comments to the effect that she deserved to be deported due to being an "illegal immigrant" and that events such as those concerning Danilo Restivo as described in this article, the family rights connections or the traumatised cat, did not in fact happen.
To all those detractors at the time, and to all those PC morons supporting this evil man now, these events do happen and they are an outrage.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another unwanted contribution from Blair.

Tony Blair, who supported Egyptian military's overthrow of democratically elected government, urges west to take sides

Tony Blair: Middle East peace envoy

The "Middle East peace envoy" adds his unwanted contribution to a debate on a problem which has essentially been created by the foreign policy decisions of the Bush family, with Blair's unquestioning adherence to and enthusiastic support for  military interventions in middle eastern countries. 
Even from the sidelines of the worlds stage, Blair continues with his lies, distortions, hypocrisy and badly concealed desire for a position which he neither deserves nor warrants. His whole existence is fueled by the growing megalomania of a dangerously deluded man seeking to promote himself to a messiah like position where his words are the gospel, his actions are exalted and his mere presence is glorified.
Ironically, the problems of today's Middle East are embedded in history and have been caused essentially by European governments, predominately the United Kingdom and France, and their betrayal of the Arab peoples since before the First World War. The problems have been compounded, certainly since the last war, by successive European and American military intrusions and the establishment of "friendly pro western" administrations regardless of support amongst the peoples of the country, These well documented interventions culminating in the catastrophic events engineered by Bush and Blair, the fallout of which is with us today and shall remain for decades ahead, are monument to man totally unfitted for any position of honesty, responsibility or public office.
For Blair to now call for the west to "take sides" is the epitome of duplicity, from a man without shame or principle..

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

They still intend to attack Syria, no matter what the world may say or do.


Syria's Bashar al Assad is "using lethal chlorine gas",  Western leaders fear.

Syria calls Presidential election.

"The Obama administration and its allies believe the Syrian government may have used chlorine gas in a deadly attack this month"

War mongering interventionists, still clamoring to become involved in the Syrian civil war and still seriously miffed that their ambitions were thwarted.
History is littered with examples of how seriously disturbed politicians and militarists, avidly supported by certain elements of the industrial sector, will continually seek to undermine and demonise any opposition to their expansionist agenda, and overturn any decisions which prevent them from carrying out their malevolent intentions.
We should all hope that the hypocritical rantings on both sides of the Atlantic, of voices even now still seeking to attack Syria, remain as disregarded contemptible nonsenses from those with their own agenda of self interest and duplicity.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Environment Agency admits that the Selection of the Sellafield Nuclear waste dump site was a "mistake".

 One million cubic meters of waste near Sellafield are housed at a site that was a mistake

Sellafield nuclear facility

I have never been a supporter of the use of nuclear as an option for producing energy. Amongst the reasons for my opposition to nuclear generated power, is a very simple question to which the pro nuclear lobby have never been able to provide an acceptable answer. The question is and will always be, "What do you do with the waste?"  The responses trotted out over the years, range between the bizarre and ludicrous (put it in a rocket and fire it into the sun or fill containers with it and dump it in the oceans, amongst the more perverse examples) to the now accepted international practices of land fill and dumping within the existing environment.  The usual criticisms of these suggestions I have documented elsewhere over the years, using examples of waste half life, thousand year contamination, poisonous legacy for generations to come, and numerous other issues not least of which is the physical "management" of the problem.

LLW Repository: Sellafield


Apart from the glaringly obvious fact the sooner or later, the availability of sites for the landfill option become exhausted as the amount of land on this planet is a finite resource, it is abundantly clear that many sites selected or considered as options have their own challenges either apparent at the time, or more sinisterly, laying dormant as "latent" problems to be triggered by some event or set of circumstances at some time in the future. Such it seems, is the case with the one million cubic meters of waste at Sellafield as revealed by the Environmental Agency in a recent report.

Transportation of waste: always a problem.

It is neither here nor there whether the waste is Low-level waste or other wise, the fact remains that the "disposal" of nuclear waste is the fundamental problem which for many diverse reasons, the industry, successive governments and the public have never fully understood or considered. There is little doubt that the admission by the Environment agency that the selection of the Drigg LLWR site Sellafield was a mistake, will raise concerns as to whether other sites in locations around the country could or will be affected in a similar way at some point in the future. It is a little late for detailed consideration as to why particular sites were chosen or who was responsible for making the choice. We are where we are, and collectively we need to find a solution, if a solution can be found.
Grotesquely, the appalling reality, is that even now, we are rushing like lemmings towards the cliff, to build even more nuclear power stations which will generate even more waste of varying levels of toxicity, to compound an already alarming problem.
I remain convinced that the continuing and expanding pursuit of nuclear energy is a policy of economic, social, political and environmental insanity.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The writing has been on the wall for almost 3 years, but nobody chose to read it.

Weymouth stunned by Condor Ferries' plan to leave port

Dorset Echo: SAILING AWAY: The Condor Vitesse departs from Weymouth
Condor Vitesse departs from Weymouth

Why should the latest chapter in the Condor Ferries/Weymouth story cause so much surprise and agitation?
I have been predicting a scenario such as this since before the Condor Ferry operation was forced to relocate to Poole, prior to the 2012 Olympics, and the repairs to ferry terminal three at Weymouth during the same year. Since 2012, numerous blog entries have commented on the fact that Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s handling of the relationship with Condor Ferries, the Weymouth Harbour repairs and ferry arrangements during the work programme have been a catalogue of ineptitude and incompetence, not to mention the disastrous handling of the Olympics themselves. No matter how far this incompetent council drive their head into the sand, the evidence is compelling.
Now this latest “bombshell” leaps from behind the tree and causes panic.
As recently as October of last year, I wrote in this blog under “New Condor ships may be too big for Weymouth Pier three”, that “However, the rebuilt Ferry berth 3 at the Weymouth Ferry terminal, is apparently not big enough to take larger ships. It seems that the planners did not see that problem coming. It this is in fact the case, then Poole may be the only port (other than Portsmouth for the traditional ferry) for arrival or departure from the Channel Islands.”
It is very easy to resort to the “I told you so” cliché, but mine was not the only siren voice raised to warn the Council that they were on the wrong track and heading for disaster.
The prospects of finding a solution to this problem seem, at this time to be remote but hopefully for the town and the people employed by Condor a solution will be forthcoming.

Further reading may be found at:

Friday, 18 April 2014

It is not only female MP's that are "put off".

Prime Minister's Questions Noise 'Puts Female MPs Off From Contributing', Speaker Says

Commons Speaker John Bercow struggles to keep order

Questions to the Prime Minister. The weekly excursion into the world of “Yaboo” politics where each side of the House of Commons can indulge themselves in mindless baying and snide remarks from one side, no doubt shouted in order to provoke reaction from the other side to draw the “referee” Mr. Speaker to intervene with “Order, Order” or a phrase that Mr Bercow has taken to using over recent years of “The honourable member should calm down”.
Questions to the Prime Minister now demonstrates for around 30 minutes each Wednesday, everything that is wrong with British politics and why, generally, there is such disillusionment amongst many people in this country with the political structure. Scoring cheap political points or “landing blows” on your political opponents is not the way that we should expect our elected representatives to behave. In fact I would propose a plague on all your houses.
Prime Minister's Question's could, and should, be a very useful tool in the democratic process of this country and could provide the opportunity for backbenchers to interrogate the Prime Minister on his, or her, actions. All too often it becomes a forum for “planted questions” to be asked, giving the Prime Minister of the day, the opportunity to either goad the leader of the opposition or to “free publicity” to some new government proposals.
Mr Speaker, it is not only female MP's that are "put off" by the pathetic behaviour by so called "responsible adults" in the weekly pantomime of PMQ's.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Earnings Outpace Inflation? Government statistics through the looking glass

Official: Average Earnings Outpace Inflation

Wages higher than inflation

"Jobless numbers continue to fall as total pay exceeds inflation"
There are probably some people who actually believe this nonsense.
Unemployment is "down" thanks to zero hours contracts, temporary "placements" where the government pay the employer to take on an unemployed person for a fixed period of time and the use of "work for benefits" type labour.
Earnings are "outpacing" inflation due solely to a fall in energy prices on the RPI (food prices continue to roar ahead) and the inclusion of "bonus payments" in the wages and salaries figure. How many ordinary people actually receive bonus payments?
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.