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Monday, 9 January 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 08 January 2017

Good morning everyone

Jan Leeming is sick of actors mumbling their way through shows

Jan Leeming, (remember her with the exploding studio lights?), has revealed that she resorts to the use of subtitles when watching some recent television drama. Me too. The latest, Sherlock (and the Halcyon) episodes had my wife reaching for the "Zapper" quite early in the broadcast, to turn of the subtitles. 

Image result for rillington place bbc drama
Rillington Place

Image result for jamaica inn bbc
Jamaica Inn

Image result for halcyon bbc
The Halcyon

Image result for sherlock bbc

This seems to be the latest "style" for productions of television drama on all channels over recent years. The more incoherent and mumbling the dialogue, then the more atmospheric and dramatic each scene becomes according to the director. Never mind the viewers who immediately have to switch on the "subtitles" option in an attempt to follow the story. Good drama ruined by intentionally poor quality sound. Perhaps the production people are under the impression that these "arty gimmicks" will bring awards for artistic content from other luvies in the industry.

Image result for new year messages from leaders

It seems that everyone from the Archbishop of Canterbury and Theresa May, through various "names" in the entertainment industry (including the Beckham's), through journalists, scientists and economists have been sending out their "New Years Messages" to the world. This year in a departure from the norm, I have joined this illustrious band and produced, "The New Year 2017 has arrived". (copy and paste link)

Image result for sophy ridge
Sophy Ridge

I note that Sophy Ridge now has her own new television programme slot "Sophy Ridge on Sunday" which is the latest "political comment" offering from Sky Television News. This weeks guest was none other than Prime Minister Theresa May. Unfortunately, washing what remains of my hair took up more time than usual resulting in my missing the entire programme !
The smug, patronising and self opinionated Ridge (who's entire career since graduating with an English Literature degree, has consisted entirely of employment at the News of the World followed by her current position at Sky which says everything), and the bumbling, inconsistent and confused PM were given recorded coverage in subsequent news slots from which and from other sources, I was able to gather the following snippet.
And it is the job of government to encourage and nurture these relationships and institutions where it can, and to correct the injustice and unfairness that divides us wherever it is found.”
What the hell does that mean?
Theresa May spewing out double talk and rhetorical nonsense.
She has completely lost the plot and should do the decent thing.
Retire to the country and grow some roses.

Image result for sophy ridge and theresa may

Ridge and May. It sounds like a bottom of the bill Music Hall act.

Image result for express front page

Following what has now become a tradition in the United Kingdom the Express is (again) predicting that we are about to freeze in the first “real blast of winter” with Arctic gales and more than 4 inches of widespread snow set to hit within days. In the meantime, it is still raining on and off, the fog is widespread our heaters are still in strategic locations around the house, the outside temperature is remains in double figures (except at night).
Perhaps the Express should replace their now out of date seaweed.

Have a nice week.


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The New Year 2017 has arruved

A New Year's Message.

As everyone, or as it seems almost everyone, is sending out a New Year message to the whole world, I thought that I might commit to print a few thoughts which will only be seen by visitors to this page, "friends" and "followers" on Facebook and Twitter and on "New Agenda on Sunday" and perhaps a few others if readers choose to "share" this content with their followers and friends.

Image result for the media

Over the past 12 to 18 months, I have become increasingly worried by the constant assault waged by the media, and I use the phrase media to include television and radio together with the printed press and periodicals, against the ordinary people of this country.There seems to be an orchestrated and widening attempt, to turn the "little grey cells" of people, into some form of gelatinous ball, wrapped in a layer of sponge which will readily absorb everything pushed towards it from the pages of the Mail or Sun, and from the television studio's of the BBC and Sky News. Not that the Mail and Sun are alone in the coordinated promulgation of disinformation, lies and propaganda. The media is overwhelmed with its self appointed role as guardian of the country's conscience, and sole prophet for the guidance and well being of the nation.
The enthusiasm and spin with which the media promote government statements is both brazen and sinister implying a belief that people will accept what is being fed to them on face value, as if the government would never lie and the media will always tell the truth.

Image result for grayling rail fare increases

Take for example, the annual above inflation rise in rail fare, which occurs at least once every year. The increase is justified on the grounds that for every pound income from fare increases, 97p is invested in "improvements" to the rail network. No mention is made of the £billions of taxpayers money given to the  rail companies every year in the form of subsidies earmarked for "improvements" to infrastructure and rolling stock. Nor is any mention made of the every increasing dividends paid to share holders, or to the increases in salaries and bonuses for senior management and executives.  

Image result for grayling rail fare increases
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling defending the increase

Chris Grayling appears on television defending the fare increase with the pathetic comment that "wages are rising" while at the same time the railway companies announce further cuts to services and reductions in staff levels. The media of course, revel in this "double talk" expecting everyone, particularly those reliant on train services, to believe that government and the train operators are in fact working in the best interests of the traveling public and the taxpayers, rather than creaming off vast sums of money for the benefit of privatised companies and their shareholders.
The case for taking the railways back into public ownership is compelling and the time for taking back control of this vital national service is now overdue.

Image result for Fabian Warning less than 150 seats

Another example of media pushing disinformation, lies and propaganda, is the now almost constant assault against the leadership of the Labour party. An assault which has been raging for almost two years and is motivated by the desire to restore a Labour party more in line with the "status quo" of the past few decades, notwithstanding the fact that the current Labour party leader, enjoys the support and backing of more than 60% of the party membership and which, incidentally is the largest political party in the whole of Europe, if not the world. The continuing reliance on the anonymous source, the smear and innuendo of misrepresentation, the mischievous endeavors to drive wedges between groups and individuals, evidences the malicious intent of the media and the government to persuade people that white is black and that only the media know the truth.

Image result for Fabian Warning less than 150 seats

2017 will be a year of momentous change to the world as we know it. Great challenges lie ahead both domestically and internationally and we must ensure that we respond to such challenges in ways which are in the best interests of people, rather than in accordance with an agenda set by the media for their own mercenary purposes and a government, intent on the advancement of the few at the expense of the many.

Monday, 2 January 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 01 January 2017

Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all.

2017 has finally arrived and may it be a better year for us all.

New Agenda on Sunday is a little thinner than usual, but hopefully you will find something of interest or amusement amongst the pages.

Image result for new year's honours 2017

The "New Years Honours List" contained the usual list of names reflecting cronyism or rewards for contributions to political parties and even for duties performed during the previous 12 months. It has always been a great mystery to me, why people should receive "honours" for performing duties for which they are receiving a salary in any case. 

Image result for Prof Phil Scraton
Image result for refused new year's honours 2017

Image result for Lynn Faulds Wood

At least some individuals like Ken Loach, Prof Phil Scraton and Lynn Faulds Wood and a few others refused their awards citing the hypocrisy of the system. In my view the "honours system" has become debased and hypocritical and should be scrapped entirely.

Image result for trump and may

Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States later this month. Perhaps he will show a little more consistency than he has shown thus far, but already our government and our "illustrious" leader Theresa May are frantically scurrying around seeking to get into Trump's good books.
Polishing up her Margaret Thatcher impersonation, Theresa May criticises President Obama and John Kerry as she curry’s favour with Trump. The full story can be read at (Copy and paste link.)

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, well Guernsey actually but is is not that far away, the Guernsey Dairy dumped more than 6,000 litres of fresh milk down the drain over Christmas after the local dairy overestimated consumer demand for the holiday season. A dairy spokesman said as the milk had been processed into cartons and had a limited shelf life, it could not be used to make other products such as cheese or be stored.
Waste of any description, but particularly food, has always been something which makes me very angry. There are Food banks all over
mainland UK and even in the Channel Islands and I do not believe that it would have been impossible to find the means of distributing the excess milk. Perhaps it was cheaper and less trouble to pour it down the drain.

Image result for Guernsey Dairy dumped more than 6,000 litres of fresh milk down the drain

Work has begun to stabilise the cliff face underneath the Cheval Roc nursing home at Bonne Nuit Bay following a massive landslide earlier this year. Bonne Nuit Bay. One of Jersey's great treasures of natural beauty. Tonnes of soil and rock slipped away just metres in front of the home during a storm on the evening of 9 March.

Image result for Work has begun to stabilise the cliff face underneath the Cheval Roc

Weather cold, wet, mild, sunny and windy. Nothing changes apart from the number of the year.

(With apologies for the lack of satire, or wit or even sarcasm. It has been a heavy Christmas period.)

Have a nice week.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Welcome 2017

Happy New Year Everybody !

Image result for happy new year 2017champagne

To everyone reading this Blog, to all friends and contacts on Facebook, to all on Twitter, to all readers of New Agenda on Sunday, to everyone everywhere, may you, your family and friends, all have a Happy New Year and a peaceful 2017.

Friday, 30 December 2016

May's comments designed to curry favour with the incoming Trump administration.

Theresa May has distanced the UK from Washington over John Kerry’s condemnation of Israel.

Image result for theresa may

I am not a fan of John Kerry, or of any American administration or "Secretary" which over the years, has given unqualified support and diplomatic protection to the state of Israel. However, after the United States refused to exercise its veto on the question of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories of Palestine, and Kerry's subsequent speech defending the Obama administration’s decision to allow the UN Security Council to declare Israeli settlements illegal, I was inclined to believe that America was now moving towards accepting that the building of settlements is a major obstacle to peace in the region and the creation of a "Two State" solution.

Image result for john kerry condemns israel

                       Kerry condemns growth of Israeli settlements

The huffing and puffing of outrage, pique, table thumping and indignation of Natanyahu that he has been "betrayed" by the United States, coupled with the severing of diplomatic ties with other countries and cutting aid, cannot hide a simple reality. 

Image result for benjamin netanyahu condemns american betrayal

The building of settlements on Palestinian lands occupied by Israel after the 1967 war, has for many years been condemned by the "International Community" and the United Nations as being illegal, but Israel has been supported in its defiance of international opinion by successive American administrations. That now seems to have changed, at least until President Trump's position is clarified after his inauguration in January.
It is therefore incredulous, that the United Kingdom government, certainly in the form of Prime Minister Theresa May, with comments that appear to be designed to build bridges with the incoming Trump administration and to again appease Prime Minister Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, is intent on maintaining "good relations" with Israel, regardless of the prospects for the "Peace Process".
May is placing this country in the position of supporting Israel on the question of settlements in occupied territories and joining Tel Aviv in becoming even more isolated in international and UK public opinion.
Or perhaps more likely, May is indulging in a cynical and duplicitous exercise to curry favour with the incoming United States President and demonstrate that the United Kingdom remains committed to the "Special Relationship" and is eager to continue the role of puppet and do what ever the incumbent of the Oval Office may command.
Prime Minister Theresa May and her conservative government do not govern in my name.

Monday, 26 December 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 25 December 2016

Good morning everyone and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

As promised (or threatened last week), I am "slipping in a quicky" on Boxing day, to mention just a couple of events which have occurred over the festive week.

More names on the 2016 listing of "names" who have passed away this year.(And there are still 5 days of the yer remaining!)

Image result for george michael

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (25 June 1963 – 25 December 2016), known professionally as George Michael, was an English singer, songwriter, and record producer who rose to fame as a member (with Andrew Ridgeley) of the music duo Wham!
George Michael R I P

Image result for rick parfitt

Richard John Parfitt, OBE (12 October 1948 – 24 December 2016) was an English musician, best known for being a singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist in the rock band Status Quo. R I P
The Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has died at the age of 68 after suffering from a severe infection.

Meanwhile back in Jersey.

Image result for shell garden jersey

Sad to read that some of the exhibits from the former Shell Garden attraction have been damaged.
I first visited the Shell Garden back in the late 1970's and over the years became friendly with Jon, who ran the attraction, and his wife Sandi with whom we spent many evenings enjoying a meal in one of the St. Aubin restaurants. Sadly Jon became quite ill over recent years which I assume contributed to the eventual closure of the Garden.
The items "rescued" from the garden by James Bissell-Thomas were quite stunning and hopefully the damage caused will not be too severe.

Image result for donald trump

The United States of America, has officially elected its new President. Following Nixon, Bush and now Trump history again repeats itself, and America has elected the Evil of Two Lessors.
May God help us all.

Image result for food banks

Between April and September 2016, Trussell Trust Food banks alone distributed 519,342 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis compared to 506,369 during the same period last year. 188,584 of these went to children.
The total number of people who are now reliant on Food bank charities now stands at over 1.2 million and the figure rises each month.
 You may read the whole story at: 

Over the Christmas period the weather was mild. In fact Christmas Day was the warmest on record!
Where is all the predicted snow?

Have a great week and enjoy what remains of 2016