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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hypocrisy in Riyadh and in London.


Saudi Arabia Has 100,000 Empty Tents with AC for 3 Million People – They’ve Taken Zero Refugees

The tents, which measure 8 meters by 8 meters,are air conditionedand fire proof.
Saudi Arabia is a country run by the evil and despotic Al Saud family.
The Saudi Arabian "justice" system, executes (beheading) more of its citizens than any other country and is a serial violator and abuser of human rights and civil liberties.
Saudi Arabia arms, finances and supports ISIS in its terrorist activities in the Middle East and in Europe. Saudi Arabia is a dangerous and destabilizing regime in the region and in the world.

The United Kingdom is a major supplier to Saudi Arabia with arms, munitions, weapon systems and aircraft being at the top of the list of exports.


Successive British governments have hailed Saudi Arabia as a "close ally" and friend in the "fight against terrorism" and regularly exchange intelligence on the activities of terrorist organisations. You may detect a degree of inconsistent hypocrisy in the position of the United Kingdom in respect of its relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Excessive coverage, devalues the media credibility

 Over 50 hours of nonstop coverage is excessive.

Since around 10pm last Friday night, BBC News 24 and Sky News (and some other news channels) have been reporting from Paris or Brussels (and with almost complete disregard for any other story) on the ISIS atrocity and events associated with or arising from it. I can understand why these events should be reported and I join with others in condemning, unreservedly, any acts of terrorism wherever they may occur.
However, I shall require a great deal of convincing that it is necessary to have an almost continuous barrage of "breaking news", comment and looped video clips for over 50 hours and hundreds of thousand of repeated words, phrases and cliches filling the television screen. The media obsession with this is both unhealthy and un necessary and may even suggest that they have another hidden agenda.

The media should report on all terrorist atrocities, not just those in Europe.

The media should have covered Isis attacks in Lebanon and Turkey more prominently

Lebanon after deadly Beirut blasts

A bomb in Turkish capital

Yesterday, I posted a very similar story and I asked the same questions.
There were a number of responses to the post in Guardian, Independent and even here of Facebook, which were in the same vein.
These nasty, ignorant, pathetic "comments" actually suggested, or even stated, that the atrocity in Paris was the only story which should be reported because the bombings in Lebanon, Turkey and the continuing attacks in Syria and Gaza were  the victims own fault.
I can tolerate being labeled by some as "stupid" or  "a worthless piece of Corbynista trash" or "scum like you" and other, even more colourful descriptions, but to dismiss the killing of men, women and children in Middle Eastern countries with the proposition that it "is their own fault", exposes these morons as the dangerous hypocritical bigots that they really are.
The world should be informed by the media of atrocities wherever they may take place, and not just on one Friday evening in Paris.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

HS2 remains an insane waste of money, as costs for this "prestige project" spiral out of control.

Cost of London-to-Birmingham leg of proposed new railway a third higher than previously estimated

Campaigners against the proposed HS2 railway line

This insane waste of tax payers (that's us) money has not even started, and already we are being informed that the cost has increased to an estimated £80 billion. Osborne has promised "austerity" for the next 20 years in order to control government spending and "bear down"on the deficit, and yet the amount to be spent on this lunatic project increases almost monthly. Apparently, vast sums of money can de found for "prestige projects" to satisfy some politician's (and some business men's) ego's, but the country cannot afford to allocate, what in comparison, are modest sums for the provision of care for the elderly, or working tax credits, or NHS facilities, or one hundred other things for the welfare of people generally.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

I have written previously, that the cost of this "white elephant" will spiral dramatically before the first JCB excavates the first trench at the start of the project. Today's announcement that the cost of the London-to-Birmingham leg alone is estimated to rise by £10 billion, is only the latest but certainly not the last, advance warning that the Chancellor and the industrial interests promoting this absurdity, will seek more and more taxpayers money  to finance the project. The weasel words emanating from some in Parliament and also from certain elements within the business community, promise a project which is "good for Britain"  and "ensuring the long term future" and even "producing thousands of jobs". Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact remains that the historical evidence  shows us that British industry, steel makers, rail engine and carriage builders, rail track manufactures, and all the associated industries will not benefit one iota from the expenditure on this project, as all the resultant contracts will be awarded to industries in Germany, Korea, Indonesia or China.   In the event that this project does proceed as currently planned, the costs will undoubtedly rise dramatically, and the British people will be paying the price both financially and socially, for generations to come.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Stop the usual suspects from perpetuating the division which they themselves have created.

Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party must leave behind internal feuding and start talking to voters

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Party must leave behind internal feuding and start talking to voters.

I agree absolutely.
Tell Tristram Hunt, Danczuk, Umunna, Flint, Kendall and the other usual suspects, to shut up, accept the decision and get on with targeting to Conservatives and their pernicious policies rather than plotting and undermining the party with self indulgent and divisive sour grapes because they lost the leadership arguments. Political debate has moved on, Blairism is dead and the electorate now have a distinct choice.


To those habitual moaners who seek to satisfy their own ego's and further their own ambitions by constantly filling  the media with criticism and whimpering the message is clear. Either end the continual moaning and plotting and get on with attacking this wretched government or find somewhere else to indulge your self important delusions.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Great News? No, just the latest government "Lie Sheet".

 We are moving further towards the goal of full employment that we set out in our manifesto.

(Says the latest conservative party Lie Sheet)


The economy is creating plenty of jobs. Unemployment is falling. The proportion of people in work has never been higher.

Great News?
More people on Zero hour contracts (reducing the unemployment figures) more people on short time hours and having to claim tax credits (reducing the unemployment figures), more people on "education" courses (reducing the unemployment figures) more people on government subsidies "apprentice" schemes (reducing the unemployment figures) and other nefarious government scams to delude the public into believing that the government is doing something to tackle the problem and is the party for working people.

Conservative propaganda wrapped in government lies.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The "alternative reality", of a media campaign which is both sinister and worrying.

Saying that Jeremy Corbyn didn’t bow during Remembrance Sunday isn’t lying – it’s even worse than that

The anti Corbyn hysteria in the media over the past two days is even worse than lying, writes Max Benwell, who freely admits that he did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election.

"Lying isn't the right word to describe such claims. It's more self-deception, and part of the alternate reality many of Corbyn's critics are operating in now."

This "alternative reality" of the media, television and many commentators is a deliberately engineered attempt to undermine and discredit the leader of the Labour party, and to influence the voting intentions of the electorate.
The way in which the anti Corbyn campaign has become more and more hysterical over the last 9 months, is both sinister and worrying, representing as it does, the way in which some elements in society feel that they are outside the usual constraints of  acceptable political debate and are free to use any means to bring about their perverse vision of society. Lies, smear, innuendo and personal abuse have become part and parcel of the campaign to destabilise and remove the leadership of the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn

The "bowing"  incident at the cenotaph is just the latest in a growing list of fabrications manufactured by an increasingly hostile and fearful media and nourished by Danczuk, Hunt, McTernan,Flint, Umunna, and the usual suspects.
At least it seems that one of the anti Corbyn fraternity has recognised what is taking place and is prepared to criticise it.

Max Benwell , Independent Voices.