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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Obey the Troika. No matter what the ballot box may say ?


Greece's experiment with the radical left is doomed to failure (says Sean O'Grady of the "Independent" )

Syriza party and its leader Alexis Tsipras gain decisive national election victory,


This Sean O'Grady "article" seems to be yet another piece of journalistic nonsense which is, unfortunately, becoming very common in the Independent over recent months.
The article argues that countries have no option but to succumb to the power of Brussels, Germany and the IMF. Countries must obey the will of the Troika, no matter what the people of the country may seek. The natural evolution of this proposition of course, is to dispense with elections completely,(whether they be FPTP or PR) disband or even outlaw political parties and organisation and accept that the "will" of the centre be it in Berlin or Brussels will dictate to the rest of us what we may think or do, and how we must act. In Berlin in 1933, another political leader made a speech extolling how the people of Germany and subsequently Europe must obey and succumb to the will of the centre. Perhaps this form of political leadership may appeal to Sean O'Grady and others at the Independent, but I for one want no part of it. Countries and the people within it must resist or capitulate. Perhaps I may soon join KS and I am sure many others, in the exodus of readers from the "independent".

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The new "Dictators" in Europe.

 "We can't allow these Greek people to win"
"The verdict of the Greek people ends, beyond any doubt, the vicious circle of austerity in our country,"Alexis Tsipras

The obnoxious arrogance of some European pundits is breathtaking. I have just heard a comment in respect of the Greek renegotiation of their "bailout" conditions with the Troika.The Greek election happened less than 36 hours ago and this arsehole actually said, "Of course we cant allow these Greek people to win (the negotiations) as this would be bad for Germany, Holland and others.If they (the Greek government) are allowed to win, then other governments Spain and Italy for example would be queuing up to renegotiate their bail outs". 
This seems to be the dictatorial attitude of many in Germany, Brussels and the European banks, encouraged by the IMF. To Hell with the people of countries, it seems that only the banks and financiers are worthy of consideration in Europe.
If that is the way they seek to run their club, then I for one want no part of it.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Anothr Council abdicating responsibility

Cornwall Council refuses to house ex-soldier and family

Jamie and Charmaine Streets and their four children, Suvannah,  Briea,  Leo,  and Tyler

Since the mid 1980's Councils across England have been using the "intentionally homeless" reasoning to abdicate any responsibility for providing housing to families or even individuals, no matter what the circumstances of any particular case may be. Council housing officials often will say privately to councillors (I know because it has been said to me) that there is a chronic shortage of available housing due to government restrictions on building social housing.
This is, and has been for the past 30 years, an outrageous and unacceptable situation where ordinary and usually deserving families, are penalised for the failure of successive government policies in respect of housing provision.
I sincerely hope that Jamie and Charmaine Streets and their family will manage to resolve their current difficulties within a short timescale. It may well be that intervention from a Councillor or even MP, to have a "frank (and preferably one sided) discussion" with the relevant officials from Cornwall Council could impress upon these faceless bureaucrats that "meeting strict criteria" is a nothing more than a convenient cop out for housing officers who often cannot be bothered to find a solution. 
It never ceases to amaze me how, after interventions from third parties, a solution frequently seems to materialise from thin air as if by magic.
Good luck to Jamie and Charmaine.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

An unacceptable delay.

The inquiry completed its public hearings in 2011

Sir John Chilcot opened his two-year inquiry in 2009

There are a number of examples, particularly over recent years, where issues of great interest or even concern to the public, have been ignored, delayed or even stopped from investigation (as was the case of the BAE Systems involvement in bribery and corruption in Saudi Arabia). The badly worn clich├ęs of "not in the public interest" or insufficient evidence", have been trotted out by the "authorities" as if in some way these weasel words will pacify people into accepting the government or the DPP or who ever know best and we should not press the matter further. We all know however, that the reasons for delay or abandonment of investigations into these matters, is usually more to do with avoidance of possible exposure or embarrassment for government or individuals, than with informing the public of facts. The Hillsborough investigation is perhaps the most notorious example of delay.

The latest much publicised and important investigation to fall foul of this apparent establishment desire to delay exposure of probable wrong doing is the delay in publication of the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war report which, apparently, will not be published before the election. Now it is very right and proper that those individuals named in the report should have the opportunity to respond to any comments or criticism in respect of what they did or did not do and their involvement in the events leading up to 2003 invasion, but it is stretching the borders of credibility to believe that an enquiry which completed its public hearings in 2011, can take more than four years to publish a report. Even now, there is no prospect of publication in the near future. Even after stating that the report would not be published before the next election, Sir John Chilcot qualified his comment by stating that “Until we have received and evaluated responses from all those who have been given the opportunity to respond, I cannot give an accurate estimate for how long it will then take to complete our work”. 


There has been much speculation regarding who may be involved with the continuing delay, ranging from Tony Blair (notwithstanding his denial of any involvement), various government departments and former Ministers to the security services of the United Kingdom and the United States. Whatever the real reasons may be for the continuing delay, this is not an issue that will go away if it is ignored for long enough.

The public generally and the relatives and friends of those killed during and after the conflict, have the right to know what happened, why it happened and who was responsible.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Blair and Gaddafi conspired over dissidents.

 Revealed: how Blair colluded with Gaddafi regime in secret

This revelation should come as no surprise to anyone.
Blair was involved in and even instigated numerous breaches of human rights and abuses of power ranging from renditions, Guantanamo Bay and illegal invasions to stopping criminal investigations into corruption and the excesses of government departments . He is perhaps one of the most culpable alleged war criminals never to have faced trial and yet he still exerts influence in British political and social circles.
His involvement in the Middle East, both in his role as "Peace Envoy" and his cosy relationship not only with Gaddafi, but also with other equally repugnant regimes in the region are well known and have been the subject of comment and speculation for many years.
Today, notwithstanding all the mounting evidence to the contrary, there are still those who consider Blair to be one of the great British Prime Ministers. Leading "New Labour" to three general election victories, may well be an achievement according to the record books, but the cost of his Premiership and activities since his resignation from the post, have caused immeasurable damage both here in the United Kingdom as well as abroad.
The "Blair legacy" is not one for which we should be thankful.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Hypocrisy, greed and profiteering on the death of Saudi King.

 Oil prices surge following the death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah

King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Of Saudi Arabia

The speculators and parasites never miss any opportunity to make money. The despot of Saudi Arabia dies and the price of oil surges.The connection between two unrelated events will be explained by the pundits as  "the markets do not like uncertainty"
All those tankers lying at anchor and full of oil waiting for the right circumstances to unload their cargoes, can now head towards the terminals and discharge the liquid. We can expect the oil companies to announce huge increases in profits at the next round of company announcements and in the meantime, the recent fall in the price of petrol at the pumps will be reversed within days if not sooner.
An enlightening perspective on the oil companies, dealers and speculators in a sick and greedy industry.

In the meantime,David Cameron pays tribute to monarch's 'work for peace' in Saudi Arabia.

David Cameron pays tribute to monarch's 'work for peace'
Clearly, Cameron is confused again.. What about Saudi intervention in Bahrain and other places? Was that Abdullah working for peace? He did of course buy a great amount of weapons, ammunition and other equipment from the UK. Perhaps Cameron meant to pay tribute to the despot for all the Saudi cash that was and still is flowing into the city and the British arms industry. The corruption scandal involving BAE and the Saudi's, outrageously stopped by Blair, will presumably go away as well now. Business as usual with the new monarch.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Delay, prevarication and cover up.

Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq war will 'not report before election'

There are many people involved (a) with the decision to take this country to war, (b) the "conspiracy" between politicians to manufacture justification for intervention in Iraq, (c) the disputes between the intelligence services of the United States and the united Kingdom and (c) the prevarication and delays in publication.

Too many people with too much to hide creating seemingly endless delay in order to prevent disclosure of themselves and their part in illegal war.

The report may be published "after the election", but personally I believe that further means will be found to prevent the findings coming into the public domain