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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nick Cohen pushing personal insult and abuse.

The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything review – self-pitying Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage


I do not and never would vote UKIP, but are there no depths to which the gutter press and its venomous "journalists" would sink to demonise and discredit Farage with personal insults and abuse ?


This always promised to be a nasty negative election campaign full of slur and personal attacks, and we still have around 6 weeks to go. Things will only get worse and politicians, press and pundits wonder why so many people in this country, hold them and the political process in such contempt.

Tawfiq Abu Riyala, a fisherman from Gaza, killed by Israeli Defence Forces.

The Gaza fisherman who built his own reef - and was shot dead there by an Israeli gunboat

The barbaric blockade by Israel of Gaza, should have been lifted or at least scaled down as part of the ceasefire agreement to end the Israeli "Protective Edge" operation of July last year. The agreement provided for the opening of the border crossings to allow building materials, medical supplies and other essential materials into Gaza, the shrinking of the "buffer zone", around the perimeter of Gaza to allow Palestinians access to their farm lands, and the extension of the fishing zones around Gaza to 12 miles.
Due to the duplicitous relationship between the ruling clique of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Egypt and the Israeli occupation forces in Palestine under the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, none of these ceasefire provisions have been implemented. The western governments, again turn a blind eye to the flagrant disregard of agreements and Israel is free to continue is callous and inhuman treatment of Palestinians. The Palestinian people in the occupied territories and in Gaza have no choice but to resist the Israeli aggressors with what ever means may be available.

Protesters carry the body of Tawfiq Abu Riyala
Protesters carry the body of Tawfiq Abu Riyala

This latest atrocity in the waters off Gaza is just one instance amid thousands of instances where Palestinian civilians have been targeted by Israeli forces for no other reason than that they were Palestinians. Murder of unarmed civilians by the IDF or Israeli “settlers” is an everyday occurrence in Hebron, Nablus, Jerusalem, Gaza and a hundred other places in the occupied lands of Palestine.
The killing of Tawfiq Abu Riyala, a fisherman from Gaza, is only the latest killing in a catalogue of atrocities carried out be Israeli forces over many years. The mane of Tawfiq Abu Riyala will be forgotten as will the circumstances of his murder as he is added to the list of statistics in this wretched conflict which stretches back over decades.
The cumulative amount of war crimes and atrocities committed by Israel over the same period will live in infamy until they are finally brought to account.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

It is not just a conflict between Sunni and Shia.

The battle for the Middle East's future begins in Yemen as Saudi Arabia jumps into the abyss

An article by Robert Fisk, which proves and demonstrates how the "Imperial Powers" of Europe, namely the United Kingdom and France, completely botched the political structure and long term stability of the Middle East, in the years following the First World War. In recent years, United States foreign policy in the region has compounded and amplified an already volatile environment and made the situation even worse.
When drawing artificial borders to give effect to the Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1915/1916, the map makers did not understand, or completely ignored, all those factors which since the beginning of time, have been taken as the demarcation lines between countries. Borders have historically followed the lines of rivers, or mountain ranges or other geographic features, but not in the case of the Middle East. It is only necessary to look at a map of the region, to see how a series of straight lines were artificially drawn to create the present day Countries. In addition to this no recognition or importance was given to the tribal and religious differences between the peoples of the region. Having created the "borders", western governments made another fundamental error by installing family dynasties in the new countries, not because the families were of the same religion or tribe or ethnic stock of the people they were installed to rule, but because the families were prepared to adhere to the policies of the west in exchange for military, economic and diplomatic support from London, Paris and more recently, Washington. The whole situation was and is a recipe for chaos and conflict, a disaster in fact waiting to happen.
The complex geography of the Middle East

The position today is a hodgepodge of conflicting allegiances and rivalries, changing frequently as ally becomes enemy and vice versa, new enemies or allies emerge and with the western powers changing their position, to support which ever faction seems most likely to accept the “leadership” of the west. It is not as simple as friction between Sunni and Shia. The issues are far more diverse and complicated.
There seems to be little prospect of resolving the complexities of this spreading chaos without a lengthy period of intense conflict, any time soon. The choices facing the west in the resolution of this turmoil are both stark and limited. Either the conflict is allowed to carry on as presently arranged, the consequences of which are unknown but potentially cataclysmic or the warring factions are allowed to resolve their differences without any interventions from Europe or the United States. This is a Middle Eastern problem, created by Europe, and the countries of the Middle East must be allowed to resolve the conflict between themselves. It may well be that there will be great loss of life and widespread destruction during this process, but it will be far shorter than the prolongation of the current wars which will inevitably result from western attempts to cobble together yet another short term solution and which invariably holds the seeds of its own destruction.

Friday, 27 March 2015

William Hague. Plotter, conspirator and not very succesful politician, has finally gone.

Tory backbench rebellion defeats Hague's attempt to unseat Speaker

Hague attempted to oust Speaker Bercow

He was a grubby little runt when he addressed the Tory Party Conference as a self opinionated and conceited 16 year old in 1977. Now, he is a follicly challenged self opinionated and conceited 55 year old, who has clearly, at various times during his political career, been promoted to positions far above his mental and intellectual capability. This latest cringe worthy intrigue instigated as an attempt to oust Speaker Bercow, was described as a "grubby, squalid and nauseous plot", which seems a very adequate description. A fitting end to a wretched 26 year period of ineptitude in the House of Commons for this baseball capped Yorkshire man. He has now gone and the House of Commons might be a better place without him.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Even more "cringe worthy" than the safety video it replaces.

 Condor Ferries new "Safety Video"


Are we really going to have to endure this rap (apologies for missing off the "C"), blaring out of the PA system on every trip? On balance I think that I prefer the rather childish animation complete with cavalry trumpet sounds for the rescue ship racing to the "emergency event" and the rather sinister bearded gentleman moving around the ship leaving the suspicion of being "a terrorist" in his wake.

Condor Liberation

 I appreciate that Condor Liberation is a new addition to the fleet and probably needs to have the safety video refreshed, but why not try just giving the information instead of resorting to juvenile gimmicks and and cringe worthy video's?

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Swing low, sweet chariot

 Six Nations 2015: Not acceptable: RFU chief's stinging verdict on near-miss from Lancaster

Stuart Lancaster

England managed a win at Twickenham beating Scotland and taking the Calcutta Cup. Mistakes, squandered try opportunities (not to mention 2 tries disallowed due to forward passes) and elementary errors meant that a scoreline which at 80 minutes showed 25-13, should have shown 55-13.
England came within 7 points, just 1 converted try, of winning the 6 Nations Championship.
However, too many mistakes during the match and certainly too many during the other matches in this seasons tournament, resulted in England being runners up to Ireland on points difference. A good final game and win against France but disappointment with how the Championship ended.
With this sort of performance, the rugby world cup is naught but a pipe dream. A few good performances, but too many people need to "try harder".

Swing low, sweet chariot.

Sour grapes and hypocrisy

Ecclestone backs Red Bull’s call to rein in Mercedes F1 dominance


Bernie Eccleston with Christian Horner

Mercedes leads Red Bull

When Ferrari dominated every race for season after season nobody said a word about "action to rein in" Ferrari's car and engine advantage and "make races more competitive".

Ferrari 1 and 2. The rest not even in sight

Now the "poison dwarf", Eccleston joins "sour grapes" Christian Horner seeking to "make races more competitive after a one-sided start to the season", by imposing restrictions on Mercedes!
The arrogance and hypocrisy of these two F1 connivers is breathtaking.
With the history of Eccleston and his "colourful" actions and ideas we should not be surprised but I would have expected better from Horner. He has always given me the impression of being knowledgeable and fair in his analysis and management of F1. Granted he has demonstrated a strongly competitive nature but that would be expected from a team boss.
For Eccleston to now join Horner's acrimony towards Mercedes indicates that all is not well in F1. Perhaps each of them have been in their respective positions for too long.